Enhancing social and economic activity of third country immigrants from the territory of South East Reagion in Bulgaria
BG EIF 2011/01-02.01
The project is funded by The European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals financed by the European Union

About this project
The program for encouraging the social and economic activities of third country nationals in the Southeastern region BG EIF 2011/01 is realized with the financial support of the European Union through the European Fund for the Integration of non-EU immigrants (EIF) and is carried out by the Union of South-East Region Local Authorities. The aim of the project is to create friendly and accessible conditions for the citizenship orientation and integration of non-EU immigrants residing in the Southeastern region of Bulgaria. It also aims to facilitate their business activities, and to ease the initial adaptation of said immigrants to the cultural and language surroundings. The project covers the territories of the municipalities of Sliven, Burgas, Yambol, and Stara Zagora. The project is aimed at providing the tools to ease the long-term adaptation process of non-EU nationals to the Bulgarian society while preserving their cultural and ethnic identities.
The presence of adequate information concerning the topics of interest to non-EU nationals and its accessibility online at any time allows the immigrants to successfully find their way in key aspects – such as housing, job opportunities, education etc. It also introduces them the the host country’s administrative system. 
An important aspect of the project is the continued feedback through online questionnaires and email. Upon the completion of an online educational module, the users will be able to send their opinion and suggestions to the project team of experts. The project uses training materials grouped in 4 modules, each of which upgrades upon the previous and creates a basis for the subsequent module.