Enhancing social and economic activity of third country immigrants from the territory of South East Reagion in Bulgaria
BG EIF 2011/01-02.01
The project is funded by The European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals financed by the European Union

-Bulgarian language, including basic language knowledge, communication skills, reading and writing skills.
This module includes basic knowledge of the spoken and written language rules – alphabet, consonants and vowels, question words, word order, verbs and nouns. The module features interactive movie clips with sample dialogues typically encountered in real-world situations, such as: getting acquainted with a person, visiting a restaurant, shopping, and a job interview, among others. To facilitate the learning of some specific aspects of the language, a number of useful topics have been included – number words and their forming in the written and spoken language, reading the clock and related specific aspects in the Bulgarian language, directions and seasons. All those movie clips are created with consideration for the language specifics and are meant to help people with no prior knowledge of the language.