Enhancing social and economic activity of third country immigrants from the territory of South East Reagion in Bulgaria
BG EIF 2011/01-02.01
The project is funded by The European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals financed by the European Union

History and cultural traditions.
In these modules we lay out the basic and most characteristic aspects of Bulgarian customs and traditions. Special short movies explain the beliefs and rituals related to most religious holidays in Bulgaria – Christmas, Saint George’s Day, Saint Nicholas Day . The rich national folklore is represented in separate modules – Nestinarstvo (firewalking), Kukerstvo (mummers). A special module introduces the viewer to the most important events in national history – the founding of the country, the First and Second Bulgarian Empires, the Ottoman invasion and the subsequent liberation of the country. The latter modules introduce UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bulgaria, and some of the largest cities in the country.